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Modern machine technology for high production efficiency

At the HOLZ-HANDWERK 2008 trade fair, the company HOLZ-HER Reich Spezialmaschinen GmbH will use its 500 m² stand to exhibit modern product technology in the edgebander, CNC machining centre, pressure beam saw and vertical panel saw ranges.

At the HOLZ-HANDWERK 2008 trade fair, the company HOLZ-HER Reich Spezialmaschinen GmbH will use its 500 m² stand to exhibit modern product technology in the edgebander, CNC machining centre, pressure beam saw and vertical panel saw ranges.
In all four product ranges, the company will present both new features and also modifications to the units, along with the ways in which the individual machines can be networked with one another in order to demonstrate the digital workflow from job preparation through process monitoring to manufacturing on the production machines.

Within the edgebander product line, various new and extended features of the units will be presented in the entry-level range of UNO models 1303 and 1304. The revision of the nozzle system developed by HOLZ HER now offers the possibility of processing glues in granule form via the nozzle system even in the entry-level range.
The advantages of the glue application system nozzle are its short heat up time of just 3.5 minutes, the rapid change of glue colour and glue type combined with the possibility of using less expensive glue in granule form.
Automation of the coupling with the height adjustment for the gluing system with the sensing nozzle and the bridge is also possible.
This results in a shorter fitting time and the possibility of applying the glue in a precise manner.

The possibility of pneumatic adjustment for chamfer-type end trimming is now offered both with the single-motor end trimming unit installed as standard or with the end trimming unit with two saw motors which is available as an option. A three-point switch for the end trimming unit ensures that the end trimming unit can be either switched off, switched on for straight end trimming or switched on for angled end trimming from the control panel, without opening the protective hood.

The equipment options for the free spaces after the cutter unit for the longitudinal edge have been designed in a modular manner in such a way that either a radius scraper and a buffer unit or a radius scraper and a flat scraper unit can be selected. As a result, there is no need for manual interventions during post-machining after the edgebander.

In the middle edgebander range, the SPRINT series will be exhibited, including the model 1317, with new and improved units and also cutting technology for the SPRINT series.
In this series, some cutter units have been revised so that a long service life can be achieved as a result of the diamond tool technology.
The dust extraction system integrated in the tools, by means of CM technology (LEUCO), makes it possible for chips to be conveyed away and extracted immediately.

Also from the SPRINT series, the model SPRINT 1321-4 will be presented which has a possible machining cross section for edgings of 65 x 15 mm at feed speeds of up to 18 m/min.

Modifications to increase the precision and lifetime have been made across all units. In particular, the newly developed shaping cutter unit offers the possibility of machining the top and bottom longitudinal edge and of edging and copying the front transverse edge shape.

As a high-performance edgebander, the model CONTRIGA will be exhibited with its extraordinary design and its pneumatically displaceable and space-saving sliding hoods. This model, which was awarded the IF design prize 2008, is impressive both due to its charismatic design and its performance data.
For instance, gluing and post-machining can easily be carried out at feed speeds of up to 30 m/min and edging thicknesses of up to 30 mm with a height of 65 mm.
The continuous platform for individual units makes it possible for the purchaser of the machine to create a range of unit technology that is adapted to the respective production requirements.
Furthermore, various special models of the CONTRIGA type have been developed.
Of these, CONTRIGA dynamic one offers the possibility of entering the specialist field of solid wood machining, and CONTRIGA dynamic two / CONTRIGA dynamic four offers the possibility of entering the field of machining plastic edgings. The model dynamic three, with its short design and its maximum performance data, is designed to be used for manufacturing doors, with an edging thickness of up to 30 mm. Here, too, the nozzle technology of the glue application system has been further developed. Linear sensing systems on hardened linear guides and the newly developed slit nozzle technology offer a maximum level of precision with regard to glue application and a maximum level of production reliability.

In the CNC machining centre range, the PRO-MASTER XL will be exhibited with the console table. The PRO-MASTER XL is the top-of-the-range model in the CNC series. It is available in different table variants, such as e.g. console, smooth and matrix table and also with the combination of matrix/smooth table referred to as META table.
The machining dimensions of up to 6.80 m in the X-direction, up to 1.60 m in the Y-direction and up to 445 mm in the Z-direction, along with move-over heights of up to 598 mm in the Z-direction, show the full capability range of the PRO-MASTER XL.

With regard to 5-axis technology, the PRO-MASTER 5XL will be exhibited with the 9kW cardan 5-axis head. A long service life is achieved as a result of the liquid-cooled spindle with pre-clamped double ceramic bearings fixed on both sides.
The Siemens control system 840D SL uses the latest generation of TAORI technology. This guarantees a high level of precision and allows connection to CAD CAM software.
The PRO-MASTER 5XL operates at speeds in the X-direction = 100 m/min, Y-direction = 100 m/min and Z-direction = 25 m/min.
This results in an extremely high vector speed of 141 m/min.

The travel of 445 mm in the Z-axis offers the possibility of a wide range of machining variants. The basic machine is equipped with the cardan 5 axis head as standard. The machining head of the PRO-MASTER XL series can optionally be installed as a second machining head on the left-hand side. High-performance cutter units, vertical and horizontal drilling units for rows of holes and dowel bores, and also further optional units such as sawing units, etc. are thus available.
Tool changers and pick-up tool changers can be offered as an option on the PRO-MASTER 5XL. The machining lengths of the basic machines in the 5-axis range are 4150 mm in the X-direction and 1590 mm in the Y-direction. The dust extraction system of the machining head can be set at 8 positions. This ensures high extraction efficiency for the chips produced.
The connections to the 5-axis software take place via the CAMPUS software, wherein the DXF lines can be drawn e.g. from AUTOCAD via the CAD module ACADEMY installed as standard.
Connections via CAM software are possible without any problem.

In the pressure beam saw range, the software of the middle-of-the-range model CUT 85 and of the top-of-the-range model CUT 110 has been modified with a wide range of functionalities. For faster working and higher productivity, the automatic cutting length system has been introduced for defining the cutting lengths.
In parallel with this, the return speeds of the saw motor have been increased to 150 m/min. Combined with a higher speed of the pressure beam, the sawing cycles have become much shorter. As a result, potential time savings of up to 30% are possible for finishing jobs. All the working functions have been revised, so that the user can tailor the machine even more individually to his requirements with regard to automatic cutting length systems, cutting length adjustments and working functions.
The management of leftovers, in addition to the material stocks and stock management included as standard for connected or external stores, has been integrated and automated. Leftovers can thus be added or removed without any problem, and they can also be read in using a barcode reader or printed out on barcode labels.

In order to increase the cleanliness for better chip removal, the dust extraction system on the sawing unit has been completely revised. Even larger sizes of waste which enter the dust extraction system can be removed very easily via a waste box.

The optimisation software for the office in the case of pressure beam saws will in future monitor all the material variants and material data. Thus, in future, stock lists and order lists will be managed separately from one another and in a manner matched to one another.
Defective elements in the decorative materials or as panels can be marked accordingly and managed separately. The optimised plans can be rotated without any problem, and the views of the surfaces can be displayed.

In the event of errors in the item lists, the stop functions can be activated automatically and, in the angle cutting function (HOLZ-HER patent), the inputting of angles can be carried out not only via the lengths of the legs but also by inputting the degrees.

The vertical panel saws will be offered by HOLZ-HER Reich Spezialmaschinen GmbH from the entry-level model, which is operated manually, to the automatic model. In addition to cutting wood materials in panel form, the machining of composite materials, such as e.g. ALUCOBOND, is also possible as an option. For this, special V-shaped groove cutters are used. Sensing takes place either via rigid sensing rollers or via a flexible sensing roller.
The vertical panel saws are available in the version PK 1255 with cutting lengths of up to 5.30 m and cutting heights of up to 2.20 m, and as an automatic function with the model PK 1260.
The automatic functions automatically control the in-and-out movement of the sawing unit and also the horizontal or vertical cutting of the panel.
A return function for the saw beam can also be activated, so that the user no longer has to manually displace the saw at the start of the sawing cycle.
A support frame, which moves out automatically, ensures that this cannot be cut during horizontal cutting. Fixed locking points in the one-metre matrix facilitate the cutting of a range of lengths in vertical cutting up to a length of 5.30 m.
Digital dimension indicators for the longitudinal stop or for the horizontal cut rationalise the fitting times and increase the accuracies. For example, in the case of horizontal cutting, the absolute dimension of the lower workpiece support or the incremental dimension when cutting chain sizes can be set from above and displayed.

In addition to the actual machine technology, HOLZ-HER Reich Spezialmaschinen GmbH will also be using the HOLZ-HANDWERK trade fair to demonstrate an item of software that it has developed, which makes it possible for the machines to be networked with one another. This HOLZ-HER process data acquisition (HHPDE) system makes it possible for the production data and percentage completion of the individual jobs to be reported back to the system via a network, so that the respective status of the individual orders can be called up online at any time.
The HOLZ-HER process data acquisition system and the optimisations carried out on the pressure beam saws and CAMPUS software with CAD system can be presented at any time in a dedicated software area at the stand in Nuremberg.

Should you have any enquiries, please contact:

REICH Spezialmaschinen GmbH
Stefan Krebs
Head of Marketing International
Plochinger Straße 65
72622 Nürtingen
Tel.: +49 7022 702-0
Fax: +49 7022 702 101

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