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ARCUS – The new middle class of edgebanders from HOLZ-HER

HOLZ-HER REICH Spezialmaschinen GmbH, a leading manufacturer of edgebanding machines, presents its new model in the middle class edgebander range with the designation ARCUS 1330 doors and ARCUS 1336

Door Production Made Easy

The ARCUS 1330 doors is the high performance edgebander for gluing on solid wood edging up to 20 mm and on max. panel thicknesses of 60 mm. This is the ideal machine for edging and finishing work on unfinished doors. Optimum adhesion on thick panels is achieved through use of PUR glues, which are water-proof and insensitive to weathering. The solid edging can be placed in the magazine as a package and fed automatically to the machine. The high performance pressure unit presses the edging cleaning onto the panel material ensuring high compaction of the glue joint. The subsequent equipment, primarily the end trimmer followed by a flush milling unit as well as other finishing machinery such as a grooving unit, sander or longitudinal edge radius milling unit, complete the performance capabilities of the ARCUS 1330 doors.

The Universal ARCUS

A further model in the middle class, which will also be present at the LIGNA 2009 is the ARCUS 1336.

This model offers an optimum mix, starting with the jointing cutter unit, gluing station, end trimmer, flush and longitudinal edge cutters as well as copy cutter unit, right up to finishing work with scraper, flat scraper and buffing units.

The basic machine is equipped with an extending workpiece support, which supports the workpiece up to a distance of 690 mm to the run-in stop, to prevent it from tilting as it is transported through the machine. The space for the supply bottles for the spraying device is integrated into the body of the machine to eliminate unnecessary attachments on the outside of the machine. This also been integrated into the machine. This chip catch box is located at the end of the edgebander were it can be emptied easily and is also easily accessible even when a return unit is installed.

The newly developed ARCUS series is equipped with shaping units for machining the ends as well as machining postforming profiles and is also available with an optional jointing cutter with two cutter motors.

Three high performance packages customize the ARCUS edgebander to be the ideal machine for the needs of your shop. All three versions allow processing of workpieces with thicknesses up to 60 mm and gluing and post-processing of edging with thickness of 3 mm, 8mm and 15 mm depending on the equipment. The feed rate is continuously adjustable from 10 - 18 m/min.

The high control standards incorporated into the ARCUS models makes them future-safe and simple to operate. The industrial processor makes the controls extremely high performance and allows rational set-up and conversion of the machine. The user surface is similar to Windows showing all information in graphic form or in clear text. The pivoting and swivelling control panel with its dust-proof foil keyboard can be adjusted to eliminate reflections from artificial lights or the sun. Comprehensive programme lists with programme names ensure that the machine can be set-up quickly.

The optimum and shortest workpiece interval is set by the control and a locking roller on the machine feed, to ensure high productivity at maximum feed rate. The control for the ARCUS series display service messages in clear text, so that the operator is always informed of the machine status.

Naturally applications are integrated such as individual user management, USB port on board, keyboard connector on board, optional online maintenance and barcode interfaces as well as networking with the HOLZ-HER process data capture systems for reading out operating data.

Pure Function

The ARCUS series is distinguished by high variability, higher performance and greater stability with reduced space requirement. The modern machine design sets accents with its large, space-saving guard hoods and minimalistic functionalism. The required attachments such as mounts for the cleaning bottles or chip catch boxes are integrated into the body of the machine leaving the operator room to concentrate on his actual work – edgebanding.

With their compact design and variable attachment capabilities the ARCUS models from HOLZ-HER have redefined the middle class of edgebanders.

The welded base frame is laid out to achieve maximum rigidity for the attachments. The transport chain for the workpieces runs in precision guides and chain pads provide maximum grip for securely holding the panels to be processed.

The pressure bridge produced of high strength, rigid U-channels has a programme control for motor-driven direct drive adjustment on the surface hardened steel rod guides. These ensures smooth transport of the workpiece through the machine.
The large, space-saving and acoustically insulated guard hoods above the attachments, with large opening angle, facilitates adjustment and cleaning work on the equipment.

In the run-in area the ARCUS models offer an optional possibility of attaching a jointing cutter with two motors in the forward and backward directions to eliminate hairline fissures in the final layer of the panel material. Here chip-optimized and noise-reducing, diamond-coated cutting tools are used. With the ProLock quick-change unit these can be changed very quickly.

The edge guide, which can be adjusted without tools, provides precision guidance for coiled or cut-length edging, and cuts off the coiled edging from the coil with a power guillotine blade. For glue application HOLZ-HER offers its own patented nozzle application systems with cartridge or for processing glue in granule form.

This ensures that PVA or PUR glues can be used without problems. The short heat-up time of 3.5 minutes ensures users that the machine is quickly ready for operation saving unnecessary waiting time. The optional, pneumatically control pressure unit provides maximum edge pressure to glue the edges optimally so that the glued joint is hardly visible at all.

The post-processing units consist primarily of standard units with high rigidity. These are attached a flat milled surface. The end trimming unit with its two motors ensures tear-free cutting results for high processing rates. Surface hardened guides guarantee long-term cutting precision. The unit can also be pivoted up to 10° for chamfered cuts. Heavy duty cutters are used for flush cutting. These allow processing of edge thicknesses up to 15 mm. Depending on the equipment version the ARCUS series offers various shaping units for corner copying and postforming. PVC edges are trimmed with a scraper unit, available with optional motor-drive and pneumatic control.

Clean final processing is achieved with finishing units such as scrapers and buffing units. A heavy duty grooving unit is available for cutting longitudinal grooves in the surface or the ends of the panel.

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